The Woman I Was

(A Mulher que Eu Era)

Contagem/Belo Hoizonte/Igarapé - MG, 2019, 12'

Competitiva Minas



Local: Cine Humberto MauroDia: 03/09/2019Horário: 21h00*Followed by discussion with film crew*Já realizado

Guided by fantastic realism, A mulher que eu era returns to the memories and traumas of a black woman in order to free her through imagination. In a sensitive dialog with theater, and with a strong art direction, the short enters the frustrated dreams and projected achievements. As different times are shuffled through reminiscences, the echo of women-voices takes shape, summoning the character to consciousness and becoming.

(by Fabio Rodrigues Filho)

director Karen Suzane
script Karen Suzane, Clara Ferrer
production Yasmin Guimarães, Daniela Cambraia 
animation Pola Lucas
cinematography Gustavo Barske
editing Igor Pedro, Gustavo Barske, Karen Suzane
art and costume design Mayara Barroso e Vic Esteves
sound Yara Torres 
soundtrack Tadeu, Tulio, Lucas Ferraz, Bruno Mesquita, Emi Ayó
main cast Andréa Rodrigues, Thiago Monteiro, Gabriela Meneses, Bia Alvarenga, Luiza Vitória, Joice Natali, Karinny Silva